Why "Steam Mill" Antiques?

1864 - Bethel Steam Mill Company

"In taking a look about Bethel last week, we called at the splendid steam-mill, erected last winter, by the Bethel Steam Mill Company, which has been in successful, operation during the past summer.  The building is of sufficient capacity to accommodate one gang, an upright saw, and a circular saw for cutting long lumber, with edgers, saws for sawing off stubshots, and for cutting the edgings into proper length for market for fuel. In fitting up the mill many modern appliances have been added, which tell in the amount of labor performed daily. One little affair, by which the men tending the edger, are carried forward by the machinery instead of going on foot, saves them about fifteen miles travel in the course of each day. There are also, shingle, chapboard, lath and box machines, cutting up lumber with astonishing rapidity.  
The works are driven by two steam engines, with six large boilers, all heated by fire fed with sawdust, and waste wood.  Branch tracks have been constructed so that cars are being constantly loaded in front of the mills with sawed lumber, and back, with edgings, etc. for fuel, directly from the building, saving a great amount of labor.



The Company have also added this season six neat dwellings to the little village about the mill, where dwell the large number of workmen employed. They have also a large store in process of building, nearly opposite the mill. The establishment presents a scene of industry and activity that will well repay a visit. Large piles of logs have been taken out of water for winter use, enough, it is hoped to last until the river opens in the spring.”




The Oxford Democrat, November 11, 1864

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